1500 Miles, 1 Image ~ Fences

Friday, March 16, 2018

This week we decided to focus on fences. Fences come in different sizes, shapes, material and textures. Because there is so much variance a fence can be photographed in many different ways.  I decided to use the old wood fence around our driveway with my lensbaby.  This particular fence always has pieces that have fallen but I still think it looks cool. There use to be a  photography group that shared fence pictures every Friday....called Fence Friday so carrying on the tradition....Happy Fence Friday! 

Please be sure to check out Eileen's Fence image  by clicking here.  

1500 Miles, 1 Image ~ Green

Friday, March 9, 2018

This week we decided to focus on a color. One of my favorite projects I have ever participated in was Cities In Color.  Every month we were given a color theme and we took pictures of subjects we saw that were that color.  So when Eileen and I decided to do a color for this week I was excited and of course green is the color of March so we went with it....then the snow came and kept coming.  I am thinking white may have been a better choice for the week. Anyway, I managed to get some green evergreens this week along with some splashes of white! 

Please be sure to head over to Eileen's page to see her Green image by clicking here

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