Little Artist

Monday, July 28, 2014

I love to watch him color.  He always concentrates so hard and chooses his colors carefully...naming off the colors as he picks them out of the tin...he may not name them correctly,  but he tries : )  Everyday I hear him say "I paint mommy" and I can't wait to see what circle scribble pattern he brightly covers the paper with. We call him our little artist and he beams with each piece he does!  

Side note to my family and friends...sorry about the raiders onesie!  Not my choice : )  But unfortunately not only is he an artist he also wants to be a nudist so he is put in whatever onesie still fits (since he can't get the onesie's off) hee hee!!!  


  1. So cute, he is really concentrating on his Raiders...need to get him a new onesie.

    1. He loves to create! He is so funny how focused he is!! I know....but if he doesn't wear a onesie around the house I will be cleaning up accidents all day! Hahah! He constantly takes off his clothes and diaper : )


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