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Friday, August 4, 2017

Our Summer has been filled with time in the water....we have been to the beach, the lake, a few pools, a splash pad, and of course through the sprinklers in our yard. No doubt about it, water is part of summer fun.  

Water is so cool to photograph.  I love capturing the drops, the waves or a splash. Water can look so many different ways depending on your settings and a lot of times I play with my settings to get a creative shot.  In this image, my daughter was playing with the sprinkler and I decided to freelens with my helios.  I love how you can see the excitement in her face through all the sparkling water drops. 

Please head over to my friend Eileen's page by clicking here to see how she captured water


  1. Love this image so much! I love the bokeh of the water and on her suit. You did a great job freelensing it!

    1. Thank you friend! I loved her bathing suit bokeh too!


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