29 Hearts in February

Sunday, February 28, 2016

The month of February is all about hearts! My kids and I searched for hearts where ever we were in the hopes to collect 29 heart pictures. I didn't do this as a daily project, some days we found no hearts and some days we found a lot of hearts.  Some were hidden and some were obvious.  I loved being able to look at things with a new perspective and be more observant in my environment. So here are 29 hearts, one for each day of the month, we hope you can see them all and that you heart them as much we do! 

Collecting Moments ~ Week 7

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

 February 14-20th. The week started off with lots of love on Valentine's day. Daddy was on a business trip so we met friends for lunch.  We got out and about a lot this week. We went to Old Town and Downtown! I got lots of pictures for my photography projects.  Little Man made the frame a lot this week, which made me happy.  He seems to be hiding from the camera more and more...he will get over it I am sure! Well hope you enjoy our week!

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