1500, 1 Miles ~ Creative Technique

Friday, February 23, 2018

I love to try different creative techniques.  I have a copper pipe that I love to use on sun shiny days.  I actually took quite a few pictures this week with my prism but once I got them in Lightroom, I didn't like how they looked.  So we get to Thursday and I still need a picture for the week.  It is overcast and raining.  I took out my twinkle lights and played for a bit and here is my favorite of the set.  I found my focus and placed the lights really close to my lens.  It gives a cool bokeh to your image.  Twinkle lights are an inexpensive way to add creativity and interest to an image!   

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1500 Miles, 1 Image ~ Valentine's Day

Friday, February 16, 2018

 Valentine's Day....a day to show love and feel loved. My daughter is in a cupcake decorating class and she decorated these pretty treats on Valentine's Day.  She was so proud of them and I think they turned out pretty good. The class ran out of "I's" so she used an "H" turned sideways!  

This Valentine's Day was different for us, my husband and I haven't been feeling well, the sickness my kids had has finally moved on to us, and well tragedy has struck our schools once again. I try to keep my site happy and find the light but as a past educator and a parent these horrific events hit me hard... So much love to Parkland Florida...may change come soon. 

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1500 Miles, 1 Image ~ Portrait Of My Daughter

Friday, February 9, 2018

What can I say about my girl.  She my first born, my calm, my joy, my pride, my world!  My daughter is so caring and thoughtful.  She is a talented artist and dancer.  She is my sanity on days I think I am going to lose it and she can always make me smile even if I want to cry.  She is funny....really funny, some of the things she does and says will make me burst out loud with laughter.  She is a lot like me, rolls her eyes a bit too much, is sensitive but tries to be tough,  has some sass and attitude and is always looking for the positive.  She worries like her daddy and has his cautious side. She tries really hard in everything she does and never gives up, once she has a goal in mind she does whatever it takes to reach it. She follows rules and doesn't like to break them, she fears disappointing those who love and care about her.  She doesn't always listen and can be a bit of a lollygagger but then she can be self-motivated and independent.  She is beautiful inside and out. She lights up my life and I am SO blessed that she calls me mom.  

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Collecting Moments ~ Week 4

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Moving along with week 4 images!  The week started off good but ended up with Little Miss coming home sick from school.  When we thought she was better we took a day to go walk around Clinton and see the big red mill on the river.  It was also the first day we took Miss Stella out and about! Enjoy all the pictures! 

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