Day At The Museum

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

We finally made it to our first NYC museum! Taking pictures in a dark, crowded place is not always easy but I did it anyway.  As you can see by the pictures the littles are a little unsure of all the exhibits but overall they enjoyed it.  The dinosaur bones were a big hit and so were the mummies, which are not pictured because pictures are not allowed.  We walked over 8 miles without crying...well ok one of the littles shed some tears when the snow cone hit the ground, but that was very short lived.  A successful day for all, that was rewarded with a beer before jumping on the homebound train!

 Oh this boy and his faces!
 Jumping up to see.

 Again...the faces he makes????

 Sure looks like they are having fun...right? hahahah!

 Why are there so many shops everywhere!

 The gem room...or bling room as we called it, was her favorite!

 Spotted this in a salon window

 Much needed!

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