All The Leaves Are Brown

Sunday, February 5, 2017

And the sky is grey, but that doesn't keep us inside! Hiking in the winter and stomping in the water is not a problem, just be sure to dress for the cold! We had a fun couple of hours in the woods getting out energy and spending time with friends. My favorite part of the hike was when Little Man had a park pamphlet about watching out for bears.  Inside the pamphlet was a picture of someone feeding a bear and it said "Do Not Feed the Bears".  Little man was "reading" and he says "and you can feed the bears"  I immediately corrected him telling him all the things you should do if you see a bear and that feeding them is not one.  He then says "but mom, there is a picture right here that says you can feed the bear"...ha!! 

Collecting Moments ~ January 2017

Friday, February 3, 2017

Well with a blink, January has come and gone! I honestly feel like it was just yesterday we were saying "Happy New Year".  I am feeling behind and like I have loose ends to tie up from 2016.  I want to finish and share my 365 from 2016, but the organizational piece of it has left me frustrated.  There is not enough time in my day....and as I watch time go by I realize, though I haven't finished, my energy and time, is much better spent with my littles... their hands will only be this small once and I need to hold on to that for as long as I can.  So with that, I am letting go of the pressure I have put on myself to finish the 2016 project and go with one day I will get it done, until then, there is 2017. Here are our moments in January! 

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