1500 Miles, 1 Image~ Neighborhood Walk

Friday, October 13, 2017

Our neighborhood is filled with lots of trails and woods.  I always enjoy going out for a run or a walk with my camera.  I never know what I am going to come across when out and about.  For my image today I just thought the path looked so peaceful and inviting, I like the way you can't see beyond the curve. It is a bit like how I try to approach my days....I don't think we always need a plan or know where we are going because who knows what will be around the bend but we should always find happiness on the path we are on.  

Be sure to go to Eileen's page by clicking here to see her neighborhood walk image. 


  1. Such a beautiful image! I love your words as well. Also love that we both used LB lenses this week :) Great minds!!

    1. Thank you friend! that we both used a lensbaby!!


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