Collecting Moments ~ Week 2

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Week two and many, many images to share! We spent lots of time outside this week.  I took Little Man down to the neighborhood lake where we walked in the snow and were amazed at the water that was now ice.  Little Miss helped Little Man with his Irish steps before class.  I messed around with double exposure (which I need to do more) on a wet and rainy day and we had lots of smiles with bubbles in the backyard...WHAT??? It's not summer!  Yes bubbles, originally I wanted to do ice bubbles, my first attempt was just WAY to cold outside and I couldn't feel my fingers anymore, then the temperatures weren't cold enough. Luckily the dog really enjoys chasing them so all was good! We will attempt ice bubbles again one day soon! So yep...busy, busy and here are the pictures to prove it! Enjoy! 


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