1500 Miles, 1 Image ~ Closed Down

Friday, May 11, 2018

This week we focused on closed down.  Truth be told this is not my favorite way to shoot and actually I rarely do....but in one special circumstance I can't resist!! Rays....Flare....Burst!!! Whatever you want to call it, when the sun is in the perfect spot, the best way to get it in a picture is when you close down! In my opinion shooting at a 13-16 f stop will give you beautiful sun bursts.  The lens you use does make a difference, some lenses pick up the light better then others and you have to do some wiggling around to find the right spot for the shot.  The image I am sharing today was shot at f16 and I had to be off to the side a bit and do quite a bit of moving to get the light right where I wanted it! 

Please be sure to check out Eileen's Closed Down image by clicking here


  1. We really thought along the same lines this week, and with closing down in general! I love this image! I assume a cartwheel is about to happen here? I love your description of the "wiggling around" one has to do to get a good sunburst--it's so true!!

  2. We sure did!!! Yes a cartwheel happened....between dance and cartwheels that is all she does these days!!

  3. Such a gorgeous image. I love sun-bursts. They make my heart sing. I need to get out over the weekend and try to wiggle around to get a sun-burst.

    1. Thank you! I really love sun bursts too! They make me happy!


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