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Friday, November 17, 2017

After school comes in shifts around here, Little Man gets out a couple hours earlier then Little Miss.  After school is usually filled with homework, snacks, reading and a little downtime. On days that my daughter has dance, Little Man and I start dinner as soon we get home from school.  That way when we come home from a late evening at dance we have a nice meal to eat. 

 Please head over to Eileen's page by clicking here to see her image for After School 


  1. Love your little helper! Wonderful image. I'm coming over for dinner!! hahahaha

  2. Thank you friend! You are welcome over any time!

  3. So neat that your little man is involved with the cooking.

    1. He enjoys helping most of the time!!! I hope both my kids learn at least the basics but would love for them to learn some of my favorites!


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